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The Not-So-Easy Fall of 2020 Mars Transits and How to Navigate Them

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Yesterday we embarked on the Mars Shadow Retrograde Journey which will last from July 25th 2020 till January 2nd 2021. Mars, aka The God of War, in Aries signifies Impulsiveness, Action and Fighting for One’s Self in a very Fiery and Inflammatory way. During this time Mars will square the 2020 Story of the Capricorn Stellium: Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter three times to really Activate, Agitate, Initialize and Push Forward the necessary energies for the Change that awaits ahead in our Structures, Foundations, Governments and Authorities.

Pamela Gregory, an Astrologer from the UK wrote a great piece on the Mars Retrograde and the hard aspects coming up in the second half of 2020. What is important is how to navigate and release these Explosive energies that are about to unfold. These hard struggles is what we need to bring us to a new and (hopefully) much better place of being, as Individuals and as Societies in the World-at-Large.

Release Points in Astrology are placements where energy can be channeled to better manifest hard aspects, like (some) planetary Conjunctions, Squares and Oppositions. For each of us these points will manifest in the same Zodiac Signs offering clarity through their symbolism which I will dive into in more detail below. On an individual level the release points will be in different houses and possibly close to different Planets and Important Points in our Natal Charts bringing in more depth to their significations.

The Six Month Mars in Aries Shadow and Retrograde Period

July 25th-26th 2020 Mars Square Mercury may manifest as Hurtful Communication. Especially Saturday’s Mars opposition to the Moon could have brought extra hurt to Emotions. The release points to this is the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of Looking at the Big Picture, Finding your Search for Higher Understanding through getting more Information and Sharing Viewpoints together.

September 9th 2020 Mars Stations Retrograde at 28° Aries, which is also in opposition to Juno in Libra, highlighting the urges of pushing ahead for One’s Own Interests in direct opposition on How to Relate Fairly with Others. The release points here are on the Pisces-Virgo axis. Pisces signifies merging and helping the Collective - or on the other hand, also Escaping from situations. Virgo brings in Analytical Thinking, Focusing energies on one’s Health, Work and Day-to-Day to keep underlying Structures going.

September 29 2020 Mars at 25° Aries square Saturn in Capricorn. Mars and Saturn together are like driving a car with the brakes on. It can be rather frustrating, but if you can Plan Accordingly to Build something Structural and have steps for action organized, this energy can create the ‘oomph’ to actually move things ahead. The Release Points for Mars square Saturn lie again at the Virgo-Pisces axis: see significations above!

September 29th also Sun at 7° Libra opposing Chiron in Aries. This opposition of Sun to Chiron could be an Illumination of Healing, but it may be the very contrary moment of Wounding... To find ways to release this energy focus on the following:

  • Aquarius: Be Original, Unique, Come up with New Ways of Dealing with said Situation(s) and think of the Future and the Collective as a Whole.

  • Leo: Find your own Self Expression, Creativity, Focus your energy on Children and the Beat of your Own Drum.

  • Gemini: Getting more information, different viewpoints (look at news from different countries' media) Cross-pollinate ideas with your Close Friends, Siblings and Neighbors.

  • Sagittarius: Stay Optimistic, Search for Higher Understanding through Philosophy, Learn about other Countries, Find your Spirituality and Look at the Big Picture of situations.

October 9th Mars square Pluto - could this be the needed Activation for a True Transformation to happen for our Governments and Restrictions - I surely hope so! Otherwise it might just be another Activation of Overly Powerful Government Restrictions coming down the pipelines onto us Individuals...

There is also a Cardinal Grand Cross happening on October 9th with Sun (The Soul’s Journey) at 16° Libra, the Moon at 16° Cancer (Deep Emotions, Ancestral Roots and Home), Mars at 22° Aries (Activation & Assertion of Will) and our Capricorn Stellium of Pallas Athena (Goddess of Seeing Patterns, War and Wisdom) at 15°, as well as Jupiter (Expansion, Optimism and possible Over Doing It) at 18° Capricorn. Could this be the rise-up (Mars) of the Women (Moon) and Men (Sun) to create the needed Transformation (Pluto) of our Structures (Capricorn), the Illumination of the Restrictive Patterns of an overly Powerful Government and tapping into the Wisdom (Pallas) of Strategic Planning, Optimism and a Foundation that thinks of the Individuals versus of just those in Power… Perhaps as a Collective we meditate on this outcome...

October 13th 2020 Mars opposite Sun and Square Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is a real Big Whammer of Explosive Energy, Assertion of Individuals as well as overly Powerful Restrictive and Dominant Government Authorities… The release points are again at Pisces-Virgo and Gemini-Sagittarius axises.

  • Pisces: Helping the Underdogs of the World, Finding Spirituality and Focusing on Art, Healing and Music. Escaping the conflict is also a real possibility…

  • Virgo: Focusing on your Day-to-Day, your Health and Well-Being, your Work and the Structures that hold your life together.

  • Sagittarius: Search for Higher Understanding within it all.

  • Gemini: Get more Information!

November 12th Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas Athena exact Conjunction at 22° Capricorn. Pluto is Power, it also Magnifies whatever it touches, as does Jupiter. Capricorn signifies Authorities, Structures, Government and Pluto and Jupiter both Expand these pieces. Pallas Athena could be the Key for bringing in Justice: a Strong woman with Wisdom, Strategic Planning and the Ability to Heal…. Pallas is also the Goddess of War and she is not afraid to Fight...

Pallas Athena is Zeus’s Daughter, born fully clad in armor from Zeus’s head. She is an asteroid that offers Wisdom, Intelligence and she is a Protector of Justice and Political Activism. She has also been known to be prominent in charts with War symbolism, unfortunately. The same day (November 12th 2020) there is a square to both Moon and Venus, showing some lack of Love and Appreciation of the Feminine, Women and Mothers. Moon and Venus both in Libra, squaring this Capricorn Stellium, also signifies the Strife between the Educated (Libra ruling: Libraries, Books, Literature, Art, Relationships) and this Oppressive Authoritative Restrictions. There is no nice way to put this! The release points once again are to be found at the Sagittarius and Gemini Axis: Get More Information! Read alternate views of what is going on, Look at the Big Picture, Search for Wisdom, get Spiritual, perhaps Travel Abroad...

Here again is Pamela Gregory’s Post on the Mars Retrograde in Aries for 2020 which was posted in the Mountain Astrologer July 2020 where she dives deeper into Mars’s Journey in these next months. I hope the release points I’ve found can give you something to focus on and come back to when these dates become our reality this fall.

If you would like to Book a What’s Up Now Astrology Consultation with me, I can help you uncover the deeper meanings on your personal journey for this upcoming time ahead. Send me an email to to get more info and book a session.

Sending Love, Light and Profound Positive Transformation to you all.

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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