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The Path To Healing

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

The path to healing is available NOW!

(It isn’t an easy path to follow, but it is well worth pursuing!)

Are you aware of what your true wounds are in your life? Do you know what the real hurts are that have contributed into shaping each one of us into who we are at this given moment? Are you ready to look at the source of these wounds and find a cure for them? For many it is extremely hard to acknowledge what these hurts are, where they came from, to begin to process them, and to work through them to find true healing.

Chiron, The Wounded Healer, is the key to opening the door for the healing journey. Whatever one’s deepest wound is, which in Astrology is the Asteroid Chiron, is also the same place where we can begin to process the hurt, find the answers to our questions, and become Healed as well as Healers. Do you know where your Chiron is in your chart? I highly recommend looking it up and reading about the meaning for the placement (house and sign) as well as what aspects it has in your chart.

Chiron’s Mythology

Chiron, a Centaur with the gift of Medicine and Healing, was brought up by the God Apollo, and his sister Artemis. His peaceful character, intelligence, and kindness, as well as his expertise in Medicine, Prophecy and Hunting all are attributed to Artemis and Apollo.

One day Chiron was accidentally struck by an arrow, with poison blood from the Monster Hydra on it. Earlier that day, Chiron himself had given the poison arrow to Hercules who was heading to a brawl with other Centaurs drunk on wine. Chiron’s wound wouldn’t heal up and it caused him much pain and suffering. He continued to be a Healer for others, giving them their medicines and herbs, as well as continuing to be the Teacher of his crafts. At the end of his life, Chiron was able to exchange his immortality and wound, for the life of Prometheus, who sacrificed his for bringing humans the gift of using Fire. In the end, Chiron found true healing.

Thursday, March 31st 2022, at 11:23 pm PST New Moon Chart for San Francisco, CA

Aries New Moon conjunct Chiron and Mercury

Here we have the opportunity to really plant some healing seeds into our consciousness, focus, actions and plans ahead. A New Moon is always a fresh beginning and a New Moon in Aries is a start specifically for Oneself. Chiron will be at the same point with the Sun and Moon in the Sky, signifying a new beginning that can be either wounding or healing. If we empower ourselves to step out of victimhood - we already are on the right path.

Mercury, the mind and thoughts, in Aries is ready for action, ready to talk, make moves, and sow seeds for the future. The Aries energy is of course flammable, so words can be sharp, fiery, and full of ammunition during this time. It is useful to ground oneself, using the North Node in Taurus energy by opening one’s senses, being in Nature, and finding Patience within oneself and for others.

Persephone and Ceres sextile the New Moon

At the same time there is an interesting sextile from Persephone and Demeter (Asteroid Ceres) in conjunction at 13 degrees Gemini, bringing in more emphasis on Nurturing through Words. Persephone who hides half a year in the dark Underworld, is now above ground and is seen as the Goddess of Spring. Astrologically she can show us where we tend to hide, but also where we empower ourselves. Right now after the Equinox, she is together with her Mother again and they are reuniting family ties, talking, and sending care for us all to Heal.

Chariklo and Vesta sextile the New Moon

On the other side of the Sky, Chariklo (Chiron’s Wife) and Vesta (The Goddess of the Hearth) are together in Aquarius sending Spiritual Healing (Chariklo) and Focus (Vesta) through the network of Friends and Community (Aquarius). Mothers, Daughters, Husbands, Wives, Friends and Community all wish for Healing, so we are well on our way!

Mars, the ruler of the Aries New Moon, conjunct Saturn

You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you? 😉 Yes, it is true, our actions are still being resisted by Saturn. But really, it just means that we should be planning our upcoming actions (Mercury in Aries) versus jumping right into action. Saturn is here stopping us for a reason. The Universe is asking us to wait a bit more, we need to consider our foundations and structures before moving forward.

One analogy for Mars conjunct Saturn is driving the car with the brakes on. Not great. But if using the energies well, Saturn is stopping us from jumping ahead too fast and reminding us of our Responsibilities. April 6th 2022 Mars will be passing Saturn and slowly, but surely, we will continue to move forward!

Mars and Saturn conjunct Juno

Juno could be considered one’s Marriage Partner, as in mythology she is Zeus’ wife. She also represents how we relate to one another. In the sign of Aquarius, the need to relate is infused with the need for Freedom to be an Individual. Aquarius energy can make relating to others Authentic and Original, but sometimes possibly Cold and Aloof. Saturn is constricting while Mars is instigating – quite the push and pull situation. Both Mars and Saturn are asking for out of the ordinary perseverance, in unusual situations, involving both community and friends.

The Nodes square Mars, Saturn and Juno

And, as if more is needed, there is a square from the Nodes (Our Karmic Path we are coming from and heading to), to the Mars-Saturn-Juno conjunction, which only brings in extra friction to the already strange situation. Luckily, the mid-point to alleviate the dilemma lies right next to Mercury in Aries. Having clear communication, being straightforward, and letting ourselves come up with new ideas can break some of the stagnant friction Mars and Saturn are holding.

Another mid-point to the Nodes Square Dilemma lies in Capricorn, asking us to take more responsibility, consider the structures needed, and be sensitive with others while taking leadership.

May we each find our keys to open the doors to where we need to go. Sending you all New Moon Blessings for the journey ahead!


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

P.S. A BIG thank you for the image of Chiron, Greek Centaur, photograph by Photo Researchers which was uploaded on March 14th, 2013.

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