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The Universe Has Jokes

Have you felt fierceness in the air? I’m sure you have. It is quite intense when Mars in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn! Mars is probing, pushing and asserting himself against any restrictions he feels is hindering his individuality. Mars, in retrograde motion, is also asking us to reassess what we have been doing in these last weeks.

Mars is currently questioning:

  • Is this system / institution / government which is laid upon us working for us?

  • Are we paying attention to ourselves as individuals?

  • What do we need to change or transform for things to align better for our needs?

To make things even more agitated, Saturn just stationed direct, September 29th 2020, after being retrograde since May 11th 2020. This means that Saturn, The Reaper of the Zodiac, and the Teacher of the Zodiac, is vigorously reminding us that any job left undone or responsibility we have failed to live up to, is going to make us feel awful, restricted and depressed - literally unleashing the Karma of the Universe on us! On the other hand, if we have done the required hard work, set-up the correct footings and foundations and feel that we are on the path of integrity, Saturn will start leaving us his gifts as he spends the next few months leaving the sign of Capricorn. Of course the Mars square Saturn will come again, but next time it will be different, in January 2021, when Saturn has moved into the Air sign of Aquarius...

Back to the present, though Mars is currently questioning our Capricornian foundations, he also is offering us a chance to test structures. Through this testing it will be clear that either the unstable structures will fail or you will simply succeed. Let’s hope for the latter!

Right now, Mars is also squaring Asteroid Chariklo, who is known as the Wife of Chiron, and she offers Spiritual Healing. There is an opportunity to find sacredness in the midst of all these forceful energies. Restoration is available (in Capricorn) from the structures we create for ourselves - so do activate and arrange Time for yourself. If you don’t create it - who will?!

Aries Full Moon Thursday October 1st 2020

This Moon illuminates: the axis of Self versus Partnership, “I” against “us”, Aries Moon opposite Libra Sun. It is all about relationships, and especially with the strong Mars-Saturn energies happening simultaneously, this time is about balance in the structures of one’s partnership and self. This can be any meaningful relationship: Any one partner to another, Wife-Husband, Mother-Child, Best Friends, Lovers and so on.

Also happening Above, Mercury, the planet of communication, just moved into Scorpio on Sunday September 27th, bringing about the opportunity for us to dive deeper into our psyches, emotions and the hidden stories in our minds. During this Aries Full Moon, Mercury at 4.49° Scorpio is conjunct Juno at 3.44° Scorpio, the asteroid which speaks of how we relate to others. Juno, The Wife of Zeus, and one of the twelve Olympians in Greek mythology, is also called the ‘Marriage Asteroid’ in Astrology. Juno in Scorpio exudes emotional and physical intensity, passion and even obsession...

This Mercury conjunct Juno aspect, during the full moon, again highlights communication between partners. It is a time to dig deep, talk about the dark thoughts, secrets and the things that we fear. Only then can we shine a light on our insecurities and start transforming our relationships in a Scorpionic Metamorphosis way - to better suit ourselves - and our partnerships. Of course, this could also manifest in amazing deep emotional connection and good passionate sex! This IS Scorpio we are talking about. ;)

The Universe has jokes. It is synchronistic that during this Aries Full Moon Opposite Libra Sun, our minds, thoughts and communication and the way we relate to others, are in the Scorpio realm. How ironic that we all need to journey through The Underworld of Hades to find the answers to these simple questions in life:

  • How to find balance?

  • How can you be true to your own needs while also addressing the needs of your partner?

  • Are you taking care of yourself and creating the necessary structures to succeed?

THIS is what is up next. If you want to know more about how these energies might play out in your World, book an Astro consultation at and get on the calendar.

Wishing you all Deep Spiritual Awakening, Triumph and Finding Balance with this next cycle of time ahead.


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

Thank you for the Hera Goddess Image:

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