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What is Your Passion?

Hello Astro Friends,

Here we are in Leo season, and about to have our New Moon on July 28th 2022, so get ready to plant your seeds of Creativity and Self Expression for the next cycle ahead!

The fiery Lion in our Zodiac is here to remind us to slow down and listen to the drum beat of our hearts. What is your passion? What makes your heart happy? How are you creative in your life? If you don’t know - it is time to stop and focus on figuring out the answers. The New Moon is the time to set intentions and plant seeds into fertile ground so they can take flight for future growth.

Thursday’s New Moon at 5°39 Leo is endowed with a supportive trine from Jupiter, who brings extra luck and philosophical expansion to our creativity from action-oriented Aries! The upcoming new moon is truly about self-care in the creative realms, expansion of horizons and lighting the fire of desire for your Soul!

Leo New Moon Chart for 10:55 am P.S.T., San Francisco, CA, USA

Chariklo, the wife of Chiron, is also in the mix during the Leo New Moon, sitting directly across in opposition at 6°33 Aquarius. Chariklo offers Spiritual Healing and also awareness of boundaries, and in Aquarius she brings it through our communities, friendships and organizations. Chariklo’s healing can also come through futuristic planning, thinking outside the box and by stepping into the freedom we need to be who we really are.

In the myth of Chariklo and her husband Chiron, the Wounded Healer, Chariklo was always holding space for her husband. In my experience of following Chariklo, there is also an ‘upset wife’ feeling that comes with her, perhaps in tandem with the boundaries she holds, in relation to how her husband would go and leave her behind on his journeys. She continues, through Astrology, to bring a certain piece of questioning about not getting to go along with one’s partner. Chariklo may bring to one’s attention the need to address including one’s significant other to our own creative endeavors, or how to find the balance within the boundaries of our relationships while pursuing our own creative journeys.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in Leo at 18°22 and has us thinking and talking about our plans of self-expression in flamboyant dramatic ways. Meanwhile Mercury is in an exact square to Uranus (and close square to North Node and Mars) in Taurus offering us sudden insights and shake-ups to awaken new pathways of thinking – or bursting out!

Simultaneously Mercury is closing in on an opposition with Saturn in Aquarius which brings some precursors of challenges that are still in the way. The Saturnian roadblocks are there to question and ask if our plans are reality-based, are we ready for the hard work ahead, to create the foundations needed to manifest the seeds we want to plant in our minds!

In my last Moon post I already spoke about the upcoming North Node, Uranus & Mars conjunction, happening at 18 degrees Taurus August 1-3, 2022. Just to touch base on it once more, due to the volatility of Mars and Uranus together, intensified with the Nodal Axis, it is recommendable to not test your limits on dangerous endeavors. Instead, do some light gardening, perhaps integrate some unique plants in your yard, change the landscape (carefully), cook some yummy foods with exciting ingredients, change your daily routine and enjoy the Taurean sensual delights in a peaceful environment. Please don’t go on a roller coaster, race cars or decide to go bungee jumping or skydiving during this time!

Wishing you all a fantastic New Moon journey ahead.


Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Astrologer & Business Consultant

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