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Ask The Right Questions!

It is a pleasure diving into the deep symbolism and meaning of the dance of our Solar System’s planets and how they help us find clues, gifts and clarity for our everyday lives. On the other hand, sometimes I find myself needing to disconnect from having Astrology overdoses, and just enjoying living and letting life happen with too much analysis… Until of course I am suddenly feeling the energies shifting around and the culmination of dynamics happening, and I am urged to find answers to comprehend what exactly is going on! Thank goodness, Astrology can help one figure out how to get ahead of the curve and be prepared for what is coming around the corner. This month has been busy astrologically, and I took most of it off to focus on family, but I’m back now and here is some interesting info for what has been going on and what is coming up this next week ahead!

Mars Stationed Direct, at 15° Aries, on November 14th, which means the pressure cooker we have been in for the last few months has started letting out a little needed steam. Things are moving forward, and we can initiate actions on what makes sense for us as individuals again - thank you Mars!

These last few days we have been integrating Venus in Scorpio opposition to Uranus in Taurus, bringing about the Unexpected to our Loved ones, Relationships, Values and Money. Venus in Scorpio wants us to connect emotionally, deeply, and get to the bottom of secrets and hidden stories while also finding transformation through it all. Uranus brings about the unexpected and, in this case, the surprises with all the Venus themes of Money, Love, Secrets and even Sex!

Sunday November 29th Neptune, which is the ruler of our Subconscious Selves, Intuition, Spirituality, Divine Love as well as Confusion, Illusions and Deceit, will Station Direct in Pisces. It has been retrograding since June 23rd 2020. Through stationing direct Neptune’s energy is fortified and it is known to create a fog so that we don’t necessarily know what to believe. As an outer planet Neptune rules the Collective and it can manifest for us to see things through rose-colored glasses and believe blindly what we are told… but also through Neptune we are able to search deeper for answers and listen to our intuition. In watery Pisces Neptune is right at home and wants us to help alleviate suffering for others – or, on the contrary, put the blinders on and escape the other way! Pisces and Neptune both are rulers of the 12th house which is related to one’s own Self Undoing, Isolation, Hospitals and Mental Illness as well as Dreams and Finalizing Cycles.

Neptune continues to be conjunct with Asteroid Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld and Wife of Hades. One could say through this Neptune-Persephone conjunction we, as a society, are confused, perhaps even blind to the true realities around. We are all together in the deathly grip of the fear of the Underworld… hmmm, did you perhaps just think: that sounds exactly like this Pandemic we are in, record numbers of deaths, people alone in hospitals, Isolation, the fear of getting oneself and others sick?

To bring matters a step further, Neptune and Persephone at 19 ° Pisces in the Sky are in an exact square, a challenging aspect, to the North and South Node axis. The North Node at 19° Gemini is the karmic direction on where we all here on planet Earth are going: wanting to connect and cross pollinate with others. The South Node in Sagittarius, tells us where we are coming from, which is the past times of adventurous travels to foreign lands... I wrote an article on the shift to the Gemini-Sagittarius nodal axis when we started it back in May 2020 here, in case you would like more info on that specifically. The main point is that, we are once again even more confused about which way to go with Neptune sitting right at the crossroads on our world’s karmic journey. Yet Neptune also is the answer if we can tap into our higher selves and ask the right questions! What is the question: Of course, what is best for our Collective here on Earth?

In Dane Rudyar’s: An Astrological Mandala: the Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases, 19 degrees Pisces speaks of a Master instructing his Disciple. The Keynote is: The transfer of power and knowledge which keeps the original spiritual and creative Impulse of the cycle active and undeviated. To me this speaks of the transfer of power that has been happening in our society this whole year, through the Covid-19 Pandemic and the authoritarian structures and demands the governments are placing on us since the great Saturn and Pluto conjunction that kicked off this mess back on January 12th 2020. There seems to be a plan in place for the Collective, but what is it and whose plan is it? That is another question to ponder…

Monday November 30th 2020, we have a Full Moon in Gemini, close to this nodal axis, creating a penumbral Eclipse. In laymen terms, this is a very high-power full moon bringing about questions on what the heck is really going on!?!

Full Moon Chart for 11-30-2020

The Sun in Sagittarius wants us to search for higher understanding, look at the big picture and jump ahead with enthusiasm while the Moon in Gemini is wanting us to get more information, connect with others, and bridge ideas. This Full Moon in Gemini will end up illuminating all of these topics above, and we will feel the repercussions continuing for the following few weeks, culminating yet again with the Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse coming in on December 14th 2020.

This week’s Gemini Full Moon is also in a quincunx to Venus opposition Uranus. There will be more, perhaps even strange, illuminations to our relationships, values and money as well as sudden unexpected situations that will prevail. Simultaneously there is a sextile from the Full Moon to Chiron in Aries signifying an opportunity to actually find healing in the midst of it all!

Mercury, the ruler of the Gemini Moon and the planet of Communication, is at 27° Scorpio during this Full Moon asking us to probe deeper and to uncover the secrets that have been well-hidden. Mercury sextiles the Capricorn Stellium of Jupiter, Chariklo, Pallas Athena and Saturn at 27° Capricorn, so probing communication will bring some understanding to what the patterns are of our Governments, Authorities and the Structures being sanctioned upon us.

Take this time ahead to ask questions, listen to your intuition, seek out more information and search for a higher understanding – don’t just believe what the mainstream media is feeding us. Things most likely aren’t what they seem to be so trust your Higher Self. To find out what 2021 has in store for you and to set-up your Astrology consultation, visit to send a message and get on the schedule!

Yours Truly,

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

P.S. Thank you for the Persephone image liigaklavina and

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