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Thank you Pachamama

Hello Friends,

The Sun entered Taurus today, shining light on to what each of us value, love and are attracted to, in our lives. We have a month now to truly enjoy the pleasures that Taurus brings, and notice, appreciate and give thanks to our Beautiful Planet Earth.

Take a moment each day, to fully feel the world around you, use your five senses. See, touch, smell, hear and taste the different flavors, shapes, colors and textures that each day brings to you. It is spring time - what a time to have to be stuck at home; cooking and eating yummy foods, taking nature walks, hopefully giving and receiving massages from your loved ones (you are quarantined with), of course.

Right now, through Monday, is a fabulous time to truly just nurture yourself and your family. Forget work till Tuesday, since there is a Sun sextile North Node in Cancer, calling us all to dive into offering our love and appreciation to our families and loved ones in our homes. Enjoy!

Earth Day, which is Wednesday 4/22/20, is the New Moon in Taurus. This is a great time to start new projects, plant your seeds (literally) for the month ahead and focus on the Earth, Nature and being Self-Reliant. Use your Common Sense with what the World is offering to you right outside your doorway. The New Moon is also conjunct Uranus, (conjunct means at the same degree of the Zodiac) and the Sun will continue that illumination all the way through April 27th. Uranus is the planet that Disrupts, Liberates, demands Freedom, brings Surprises and seeks to Change the Status Quo. As the New Moon starts a new 28-day cycle, do expect more Upheaval, Surprises and Rebellion coming up during this next month ahead...

This coming week the Sky is also offering us an Air Trine (Mars in Aquarius to Venus in Gemini). Venus, the ruler of Taurus, which also symbolizes what we Love, Value and are Attracted to, is wanting us to connect with each other while in Gemini. This is a time to cross-pollinate ideas and get our minds going - a fabulous time to write, do a blog, create an article, if you are so inclined.

Mars, the ‘activator’ is in the Unique Future-Thinking Rebel sign of Aquarius and it is in full alignment with Venus, thus our actions are set and supported for doing things in Out-of-the-Box ways, through the internet and planning for the future (Aquarius tendencies). THIS could be the week to let people know about your new future plans, connecting with the community, making a launch of some sort. Just saying.

Of course, there are still the real issues continuing - as one can hardly forget.

During all of the above, there is also a Sun square Saturn, bringing definite restriction to each and every one of us that will be felt strong these next few days. At the same time Saturn can offer us some structure and backbone to what we are doing. Saturn could be the glue we need to make our plans stick and come to fruition!

There is still continued mayhem happening in Capricorn (the sign that rules Structures, Foundations, Governments, Authority and the Elderly). Please go back to read my BLOG post from March 31st 2020 “In the Middle of Transformation” for the full breakdown of what is going on with the “Death of our Old Structures”... Pluto, the planet that Destroys, brings Death, Transformation and New Beginnings, will continue to transit in the sign of Capricorn till 2023-2024.

In the meantime, Jupiter, the Great Benefic, Expander and Optimist is now in conjunction (also in Capricorn) with both Pallas Athena (Asteroid of Wisdom, Patterns and Quick Thinking) and Chariklo (The Spiritual Healer and Midwife who has the gift of Strength and Holding Sacred Space). Jupiter is enhancing the energy of both of these Healers in the Heavens - thank the Goddesses for that!

These are the energies circling in the Sky Above and down here on Planet Earth right now, but do you know where all these energies land in your own Astrological Natal Chart? If you are interested in an in-depth Astrology Natal Chart reading, please send me an email to and let’s get you on the books.

Happy Earth Day - and Earth Month - if you ask me!



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