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Venus is in the Heart of the Sun and The God of War is Dropping Clues

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

“The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli, c.1484–86

Right now Venus, the Planet of Love, is in the Heart of the Sun which means conjunct at the same degree, at 14° Gemini. Today starts a new 584 day cycle for us to Reconnect with what we Love and Value, to Build the Bridges of Connections with our Friends and Loved Ones.

Venus wearing her Evening Star Gown (since August 12th 2019) has signified the importance of one connecting with one’s Love for Others. Today she heads to the Underworld to transform herself into the Morning Star and when she reappears she will then emphasize the necessity for connecting with Love for Oneself. This is all part of the Venus Retrograde period.

Venus rules much more than simply Love, but this is to point out the difference of the Evening versus Morning significations of her. Right now, while Venus is lost from sight, we might find some discombobulation with How to Connect with our Friends and Loved Ones, What our Values truly are and is it really OK to get ‘Social’ again or do we have to keep our ‘Social Distance’ and for how long. Things will clear-up a tad on this arena by June 25th when Venus goes direct. Right now is a moment in time to Forgive and Let Go of Old Love Stories, Relationships and Connections that don’t serve you anymore. There is a reason we need to have these retrogrades so we can Clear out the Old and be ready to invite in the New!

Friday June 5th we are having our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The Moon in Sagittarius is normally a time when one would feel Expansive and Optimistic. One would want to go out and Explore or tap into one’s Spirituality, Philosophy, Learn something new and Expand one’s mind. This is a partial Eclipse which we might catch a glimpse of by seeing an outer shadow of the Earth crossing over the Moon. Astrologically Eclipses are in general often Chaotic and signify Rapid Change. It is a good time to actually try and hang low versus heading out into the World. This Full Moon Eclipse though is no ordinary one - it is in a square to Mars aka the Planet of War - and we definitely feel it coming already days ahead.

Mars speaks of Action, Drive and it may conjure a need to Fight. In Pisces actions might be a bit Unclear and things in general Confusing. There is some Nebulousness in Pisces and there can even be a Lack of Control. Mars square Sun tends to be very Irritating and can bring out Aggression and Volatile Actions - though if well- harnessed; some Compassion and Merging with the Collective for the Greater Good.

This definitely is a pre-story being illuminated during this Friday’s Full Moon - which will come into better reveal on October 13th when Mars will be exactly opposing the Sun. In October Mars in Aries - its own sign of Heated, Fiery and sometimes even Volatile Action, will be energizing us to Take charge, Reinvent and Stand up for Ourselves. Mars will stay in Aries for a whole 6 months starting June 28th, all the way till January 6th 2021. Expect Break-ups, Changes and possible Battles to emerge...

This Friday’s Full Moon Eclipse is sowing the seeds for what will also come in October. Transitions are inevitable, don’t play it safe, but get ready to do what You really want to do. Mars will give you the Courage to Initiate the Actions required. First you need to know what you want though, so dive deep into what your Venus is asking from you: your Values and what you Love, so then you can have Mars help you initiate the actions required to get there.

On Friday 6/3/20 there is also a Black Moon Lillith sextile to the Sun and Trine to the Moon, which will illuminate the Anger of the Repressed, the Inequality of the current Situations, and the Rage of People and of Women, especially. To read more about Black Moon Lillith, please visit my blog about her here.

If you venture out into the World this week to do your part in protecting your Community, The Repressed and to stand-up for the Injustice of our Systems and Government, do take really good care of yourselves. Plan how you can Protect your Friends and Loved Ones, and hold on to the Hope for a better Collective and Future for All. There are Unexpected and Out-of-control energies looming about and one may feel Overwhelmed by emotions. On the Positive side of Mars in Pisces - and getting into conjunction with Neptune itself the whole following week - may manifest as Dissolvement of our differences and Boundaries! There can be a real sense of Unity and Merging and an overall understanding that we all truly are in the same Tribe. If you stay home and lay low, connect with Yourself, your Values and your own Spirituality, Express yourself and do something Creative to harness that Mars in Pisces energy into something Positive. Great ways to harness this energy is to make Music, create Art, go swim in the Ocean and Meditate!

There is a very Important Total Solar Eclipse happening on June 21st 2020 at our Cardinal sign of Cancer at 00° which will set the tone for the following 3 months. I will be diving into what significations that Eclipse will be bringing up soon. In the meantime, let’s focus on what this week is offering us, as the Mars in Pisces square the Moon Eclipse is already overwhelming enough.

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Sending Love, Light and Kindness to you all in these Turbulent Dystopian times.

Lia Sabbatini

Alexandria Consulting Services

Founder, Astrologer & Business Consultant

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